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We are committed to a lifestyle that is in harmony with our status as human creatures, living in a healthy balance between prayer, work and study on the one hand, and relaxation, recreation and rest on the other.


In our work we believe it is important to adhere to the following values:

Contemplation in Action

'To provide patterns of life, thought and prayer which reflect wholeness and holiness in relation to ourselves, each other and the whole creation of which we are a part.'

One World

Different Cultures
Different Faiths
One Humanity
One Creation

The Land

'In speaking of land we understand this in relation to the story of the human family,
which is woven into the story of our Planet Earth,
which in turn is woven into the story of the whole universe.'       Donald Nicholl

The earth which we inhabit is also the land to which we give meaning,
the land which is fought over, longed for,
the place of immigration, emigration, migration, exile.
It is the place in which our economy is developed.

The use of the world - food, clothing, tools -
is in one way or another a life-giving prerequisite for humanity.
This use, however, which serves the daily survival of the created human being,
can, when these needs are received 'with Thanksgiving', as gifts of God,
become a relationship of loving communion of life with the Creator of the world.

We are committed to work and live out a theology of both earth and land.

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