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Far Away Places, Congenial Companions and Food for the soul

Each year we arrange Journeys, Pilgrimages, accompanied by Christian leaders, to destinations connected with our work. The Travel Programme has been in existence since 2002 when our first pilgrimage to Russia took place.

These journeys are unique, offering the chance to experience for oneself the contexts, living traditions and cultural transformations taking place directly as a result of holy lives, in the company of someone experienced in the tradition and companions who share a common interest.

Last, but not least, the journeys make a donation to the charity for each traveller so friends who join the Travel Programme are helping to support time-critical work.    Click logo to download   Brochure of Last Pilgrimages                                                                                                                

Current Programme

We plan our programme to offer travellers and pilgrims flexibility in creating their own itineraries. Each journey is offered as a self-contained ground package making it possible for travellers to extend their stay at the beginning or end of the trip. Our pilgrimages coincide with major Christian feasts, each of which has its own special and unique characteristics, providing an opportunity for you to experience the feast within this living tradition.

In booking a pilgrimage you have the choice of:
booking for the whole tour, including travel around the twin centres of Moscow and Diveyevo,   Spirit of Russia,
or booking for travel around the single centre of Diveyevo   Land of St Seraphim .

Spirit of Russia
Over a period of three days we explore spiritual & historical sources of Russian spirituality. We then continue by exploring Land of St Seraphim

Land of St Seraphim
We travel to the region from which the focus of the radius of effect of the saint's transfiguring life began, a land, both geographic and spiritual, these pilgrimages offer a way of deepening the connection between St Seraphim's inner landscape and our own.

Spirit of Russia
Land of St Seraphim
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