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PERSONAL - What Personal Items will I need?

Please use a money belt or other secure means of storing valuables. We advise that some good mosquito repellant may be needed. Please remember to pack a towel, particularly for bathing in springs.

MONEY - What Money will I need?

Although everything specified on your itinerary is included in the price of your journey, you may want to bring some money for postcards, presents and drinks etc. You will be able to buy craft work and there are icon & book shops at the Monasteries. The local currency is roubles, which are now available outside of Russia.

We advise pilgrims to arrive with cash either in roubles or in euros. Smaller denomination notes are best. Euros can be exchanged for roubles in Moscow. Cashpoint machines are also widely available in Moscow and many of these will give money in roubles.

There are limited facilities for exchange of euros to roubles in Diveyevo; the timing of opening hours may interfere with the planned programme. If you will be travelling to Diveyvo we request that you ensure you have exchanged your money to roubles before you leave Moscow. Travellers cheques and credit cards can be taken as a back up although they are only accepted in a very limited number of places outside Moscow.

WATER - Can I drink the water?

In Russia it is always wise to check that the tap water is safe to drink. This should not be a problem in our accommodation in Kiev, Moscow or Diveyevo, however in other locations we recommend caution. Bottled water is widely available.

CLOTHING - Do I need to take any special clothing?

The monasteries enforce a strict dress code for entering places of worship. For women this necessitates wearing a skirt/dress – no trousers are permitted; arms need to be covered and a headscarf worn. For men, shirt and trousers – no bare chests or shorts.

You will have opportunities to bathe in Holy Springs. People of all ages, shapes and sizes bathe - it is an experience not to miss.
Bathing can be done quite privately, however it is customary for women to wear some form of covering, such as a lightweight nightdress or long tee-shirt, and for men to wear bathing shorts.

Please bring layers of clothing (to accomodate both hot and cool temperatures), a raincoat, umbrella and a good pair of strong shoes (even in July there can be sudden storms and changeable weather and it can become very muddy underfoot).

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