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In The Footsteps of St Seraphim

Pilgrimages - 2008

Kiev - Kursk - Diveyevo

In the Footsteps of St Seraphim
Duration: 12 days
June 17th - 28th 2008 Details

In the tenth century, Grand Duke Vladimir embraced Christianity and exhorted the residents of Kiev to be baptised, and a mass baptism took place in the River Dnieper. Thus the Christianisation of ‘Kievan Rus”, and subsequently of Russia, took place.

Tradition has it that the Apostle Andrew, when visiting this land, prophesied that a city would be built here. We shall visit some of the holy sites in Kiev, starting with the Kievan Cave Monastery, founded by St Anthony from Mount Athos and St Theodosius.

It was to Kiev that the young man Prokor Moshnin (later St Seraphim of Sarov) journeyed to seek the wise counsel of elder Dosifey concerning the direction of his life.

We too shall begin in Kiev and follow in the young man’s footsteps, first going back to his birthplace in Kursk and then via some centres on the “Golden Ring” and Murom on to Diveyevo, where St Seraphim’s relics lie today.

Having venerated St Seraphim and asked for his prayers before the Throne of God, we shall make our return journey to Kiev and home, spiritually enriched.

Our pilgrimage will not be a typical tourist visit, but a time for prayer, reflection and a deepening of our common Christian heritage. So, home comforts can be left behind and, although we shall not need a sack of rusks, or sleep under the open sky, we shall experience certain monastic life and the adventure of a spiritual journey.

Our itinerary will coincide with some church and monastic services, and we will maintain a timetable for meals, such that at times we will be fasting, which is optional. Our primary form of transport will be by coach.

Your price includes:
  • Experienced English speaking guide and leader throughout
  • Excursions and entrance fees
  • Road travel from and to Kiev
  • Accommodation, shared
  • Meals
Your price does not include:
  • Flight
  • Any visas required (including Russian Visa)
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks and personal items
  • Airport Transfers

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Birthplace of Christianity in Russia -
where this journey begins.

The entrance to Kiev Pechersky Lavra. As a young man St Seraphim sought guidance for his life here.

Kursk, birthplace of St Seraphim.
The Cathedral was built by his parents.

Diveyevo - the Shrine where St Seraphim's Relics rest today.
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