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Rescue - Creation of Reserve Archive Collections

Remarkable testimony of the pre-soviet and soviet era can be found in manuscript and photographic sources, sources that are deteriorating rapidly. These records provide remarkable and hitherto undisclosed accounts of one of the greatest persecutions of Christians of all time. The task of preserving this material is time limited.


Recent years have witnessed the re-opening of archives chronicling the life and work of the monasteries and their inhabitants and the events leading up to and following their closure. These archives are some of the most important post-fifteenth century archives in the whole of Russia however, within seven to ten years, much of this material may no longer be of value because of rapid deterioration of many of the buildings where it is housed. The work of creating reserve collections of this material by electronic means is time-critical. Awareness of these needs has grown as we have developed our work and our relationships with colleagues in the region. Manuscript testimony concerning the monasteries and the saint's work and influence is widespread in the archives.


Preserving documents of both pre and post revolutionary life in this region in word and image, will contribute to our understanding in anthropology, philology, history, politics, culture, spirituality and theology drawing from a rich vein in the Russian story.


The Archives Committee are ready to work together in furthering this time-critical task.

Current Objective

To contribute to the conservation of critical archive collections:
    Phase I
  • To implement an integrated system with two workstations in a single archive
  • To prepare selected reserve archives on two specific collections in image and text.
  • To determine Phase II requirements and priorities.



To contribute to conservation of critical archive collections.


Preserving some of the most important post-fifteenth century archives in the whole of Russia.


We are ready to move ahead once funding is available.

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