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Where We Work - Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Nizhni Novgorod, Russia's fourth largest city, lies 325 km South-East of Moscow at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. From 1932 to 1990 the city was known as Gorky after the famous writer Maxim Gorky. It is a principal centre of education in all fields of endeavour with numerous institutes and technical schools.

N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) was established in 1916 as a People's University. The University has provided the basis for the development of higher education and a fundamental research system in the Nizhni Novgorod region. It is one of the best classical universities in Russia. The University is renowned for innovation in the fields of research and higher education. As a result, UNN's scientific and pedagogical schools have won international recognition for their excellence.

We have established strong ties with the University with whom we have entered into partnership and conducted research in the region since 2001. We have hosted study bases in the city, and a collection of joint research materials are housed in the University Department of Philology.

With the participation of staff and students of the University Department of Anthropology, under the direction in Philological studies of Professor Klara Korepova, we have developed and implemented extensive reserach in the region, including the ' Living Testimony' Programme. This has also involved development of extensive new methodology and training.

Only with the participation of institutions and individuals from Nizhni Novgorod, including Lobachevsky University, Blagoveshesky Monastery (Seminary), Pechersky Ascension Monastery and The Archive Committee of the Nizhni Novgorod Region have we been able to take forward work in research, education and filming.

The Kremlin and ancient city area Lobachevsky University Professor Korepova
Head of the Department of Philology
Philology Students in training
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