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Where We Work - Sarov, Russia

Sarov lies 200 km south of Nizhni Novgorod, is the location of the monastery where St Seraphim was transfigured and the site chosen by Stalin for development of Russia's nuclear bomb – Sarov is a closed city.

Only with the participation and support of institutions and individuals from the closed city of Sarov, including All Saints Cathedral, Sarov Institute of Physics & Technology/ Department of Theology, the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre, Sarov Central Administration and the Sarov Theatre Company, have we been able to take forward work in research, education and filming.

With the participation of members of the Parish of All Saints Cathedral, the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre, and members of the Sarov Theatre Company, we have produced a film, 'My Joy', on the life and influence of St Seraphim of Sarov.

With the participation of the Theological Department - Sarov Institute of Physics & Technology, we have staged an international conference, 'Theology & Life', and have conducted research as part of the 'Living Testimony' Programme, including participation in educational activities.

The modern city of Sarov Dr Savchenko
Dean of the Theological Faculty
The Monastery Bell Tower
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