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Study Centre - Cambridge - United Kingdom

We see the need to develop our Study Centre in the UK, where we presently have a modest base. Situated in the heart of the University City of Cambridge, our Centre is equipped with computer and video access and houses an extensive collection of unique multi-media materials.

We wish to develop these study facilities in Cambridge, linking them with the developing study facility in Diveyevo, Russia, thereby being a bridge for co-operation between Russia and Great Britain.

Our Cambridge Study Centre, based in the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, part of the Cambridge Theological Federation, is ideally placed for ecumenical outreach, making our study centre with its materials available to theology students in Cambridge.

Cambridge is a unique context for theological education with the World Class Faculty of Divinity of The University of Cambridge, The Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies (C.A.R.T.S) and Cambridge Theological Federation, inaugaurated in 1972, which brings together the teaching and learning of seven institutes through which people of different churches, including Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox, Reformed and Roman Catholic, train for various forms of Christian ministry and service.

We need to catalogue, maintain and develop our study library, offer access points for the 'I Witness' electronic archive, upgrade our research facilities and develop our educational programme.

We also wish to develop our Conference Programme. It is hoped that, run in conjunction with our existing programme of pilgrimages, the conferences will support an expanding community of scholars and students. We hope to be able to provide bursaries for students, in particular those from Russia, who would otherwise be unable to participate.

Our Study, based in Lady Margaret House on Grange Road, is an ideal educational centre. The chapel is available for services of worship, which are an integral element in our programmes.

To accomplish this we need to appoint a Study Centre Coordinator, invest in New information technology equipment, both to make our considerable multi-media resources more widely accessible and to enhance our commumications capability, and to develop our educational programmes

Our mission, to bring human beings into living harmony within, with others and with nature is of benefit to members of all faiths and none at at a time of shared concern for the future of our planet.

We need to employ a Study Centre Coordinator to run the study centre and develop our international links, beginning with our work in Diveyevo, Russia. There is also a need to equip the UK Centre with adequate Information Technology and to enable it to provide study facilities. To develop the Educational and Conference programme, funding is needed to engage speakers, hire rooms, produce good quality information and publish conference papers in both English and Russian.

We see this planned extension of our programme as one that is exciting and of benefit to the Christian church world-wide.


To support and develop important research & educational programmes and to enable studies of a new generation of scholars and students discovering rich spiritual, theological, historical and cultural treasures.


This will offer a significant resource for the International Community of Scholars and Students who either visit or spend time in Cambridge.


To Develop our Study Centre in Cambridge, UK


This will offer a significant resource for the International Community of Scholars and Students who either visit or spend time in Cambridge.


We have developed a modest study centre in the heart of the University City of Cambridge where we house a unique collection of mult-media materials.


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Saints Alive

Cambridge Study Centre

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